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Proofreading – Who Needs It?

Who needs a proofreader? Anyone who appreciates the need for clear, well-presented writing.

Small businesses: You need professional documents but you don’t have an in-house publications department. I offer an excellent value proofreading and editing service for reports, flyers, presentations, and advertising copy.

Charities: Make sure your worthwhile message reaches your target audiences. I’ll check your pamphlets, newsletters, and advertisements, and I can help your text fulfil its potential.

Job Seekers: Don’t let typos ruin your chances of getting a job. You have all the right qualifications, but spelling mistakes and poor layout mean employers will pass over your application. I can proofread your CV and covering letters.

New Writers: Catch the attention of an agent or editor. I’ve worked in the publishing industry, so I can advise on the content and presentation of book proposals and manuscripts for maximum impact.

Academics: Do you loathe the painstaking task of formatting citations? I offer a full bibliography and reference checking service. Don’t waste time reformatting papers for different journals, let me do this for you.

Postgraduate Students: You worked hard on your thesis and want to be sure it is perfect before you submit it. I will check your work for mistakes, and ensure your references and bibliography are of the correct standard.


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