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Services and Rates

I offer two levels of service depending on the detail of checking that you need:

  1. Basic Proofread
  2. Detailed Edit

Basic Proofread: This is suitable for long manuscripts such as novels or theses. I will check spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as well as ensuring you have used the correct capitalisation and hyphenation. I will make sure the text is consistent and the words are correct. I will offer general comments on the overall structure and content.

Detailed Edit: This is suitable for articles, websites, advertising copy and any shorter text that needs every word to make the right impression. In addition to proofreading the text (as above) I will do a more comprehensive edit, looking at the style and phrasing of the text. If required, I will offer suggestions for improving the quality of the writing to make it more readable and fluent. I will help you convey the message that you want to convey in the style that you would like. For academic texts, I will ensure the references and bibliography are of a consistent and correct standard.

My standard rates are:

  1. £7.50 per 1500 words for basic proofreading (minimum charge £7.50)
  2. £7.50 per 250 words for detailed editing (minimum charge £7.50)

If you’re in a hurry, I offer an express service at slightly higher rates, depending on your deadline. Please contact me for a free, no obligation quote.


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