Michelle’s Word

Terms of Service

  • Your words and style belong to you. When editing, I will remain faithful to your style and forms of expression, giving suggestions to help your words work for you.
  • My service is completely confidential and I will not pass on your contact details, or your text to any other person.
  • I can accept work electronically or as hard copy. If you would like a quick turn-around, it is easier to send documents to me via email.
  • I ask that I receive full payment within 30 days of sending my invoice.
  • I reserve the right to charge a higher rate for an express service to meet very tight deadlines.
  • I reserve the right to request part payment in advance for large projects.
  • Language is flexible and personal. You may wish to follow some of my editing suggestions and not others, which is part of the wonderful freedom language offers. However, my work is time-consuming and involves considerable expertise. I expect to be paid in full for my services. If you believe that I have not fulfilled my brief, I am more than willing to discuss my work. Please contact me if you have any queries.
  • I reserve the right to update these terms of service without prior notice, but without affecting the terms of service for work that I have received and accepted.

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