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Why Hire a Proofreader?

Spellcheckers don’t catch everything
Computer spellcheckers are a good start for ensuring your document is accurate. They highlight the obvious errors and mistyped words, but they don’t check for sense. They won’t know you meant to write “public library” not “pubic library”. They won’t pick up the different meanings of “their”, “there”, and “they’re”, because these are all acceptable spellings to a spellchecking program.

A trained and objective perspective
It is difficult to spot our own mistakes. We become blind to our writing style and our common errors. We tend to read what we meant to write, as opposed to what is on the page in front of us. Having someone else read through your work is always a good idea. An experienced editor is skilled at more than identifying spelling mistakes, they check grammar, punctuation, structure, and consistency. Put your mind at ease by letting an expert check your text.

Avoid costly mistakes
You read through the brochure ten times, but after you’ve had 10,000 printed, someone notices that the phone number is incorrect, or there is a digit missing from the price. You can’t send the brochures out to your customers, so you have to get them redone. Avoid these embarrassing and costly errors by having your text proofread.

You have better things to do
Editing is a painstaking process. Although you would like to check all your documents thoroughly, you simply don’t have time. There are more urgent tasks that you have to get finished. Professional editors are trained to recognise mistakes quickly and efficiently. Let someone who works with words help you to create excellent text.

Value for money
You might not have a large budget, and you are worried about the expense. However, my rates are very reasonable, and I will do much more than simply correct spelling mistakes. I charge from £7.50 per 250 words, so having a magazine article edited could cost as little as £24 with a longer report costing only £75.


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